Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seminar 2 instructions (Tue Sept 23)

Our next seminar will be held Tuesday morning (10-12 in B22 and B23) Here are the instructions for how to prepare for that seminar:

1) Read through all the 23 future-related topics in the preceding blog post. We have harvested these topics from your texts, from our guest lectures and from literature. Some topics are very brief, other topics are slightly more elaborated.

2) "VOTE" HERE for your three favorite topics. These are the topics you could imagine yourself working with during the project phase, or, that you at least would like another group to work with during the project phase. Your vote is a vote on interesting topics - not a pledge of yours as to what you want/will work on during the project phase. NOTE: perhaps we were better at formulating certain topics than others - but your task is to see through and beyond the short descriptions and imagine what these topics could be developed into!

3a). Preferably: You are hopefully inspired by several of the topics, but you realize that we have missed an excellent topic that really should have been on this list. Invent a title and write a short text about that topic (50-200 words) and bring it on paper to the seminar on Tuesday. You can use bullets to make you idea/topic more clear. Don't forget to write your name on the paper!

3b) Otherwise: If you can't think of a new topic, take one of the 21 existing topics and "develop" or specify it further. Take the topic one step further ("to the next level") and bring it on paper (50-200 words) to the seminar on Thursday. Don't forget to write your name on the paper!

4) NOTE: We all meet in the biggest of the two seminar room for initial information before we divide into smaller groups. Please be on time! Late arrivals will have fewer options!