Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lecture 6 - Tue Sept 16 (9-11) - visit to Dieselverkstaden

Time & Place: Tuesday September 16 at 09-11 in Dieselverkstaden bibliotek/library. (We’ll meet up in the lobby).

Getting there: The suggested route is to take the 8.40 tram (Saltsjöbanana) from Slussen to Sickla (2 stations). There are also a number of busses you can take to from Slussen to the bus station "Sickla bro". Walk south from the station to Marcusplatsen 17. The entrance to the library is pretty much exactly where it says "Klätterverket" on this map (just north of the park).

HostsMargareta Swanelid (CEO), Kalle Molin (librarian), Per Perstrand (librarian) and Anna Lundmark (librarian) at Dieselverkstadens bibliotek, Nacka.

Title: Dieselverkstadens bibliotek AB: A public living room in a digital age 

Talk: We will begin with showing you our library and resources, describing our public activities.  We’ll go through the history behind our library and the political visions that made it possible to start the company Dieselverkstadens bibliotek as a private actor in a municipal context. We will describe how we differ from a traditional public library in the way we organize, and how our way of thinking and working influence the way we do things for the public. Digital media is an integral part of our public library, and we will show and discuss the e-media we use, including the library web-page and social media. Finally we will talk about advantages with physical libraries, why they should be protected and developed, and the role libraries and librarians play in today’s society that won’t be replaced by resources and large amounts of information on the Internet.

AboutDieselverkstadens bibliotek AB started in 2002 and is Sweden’s first private public library. It is currently running 3 physical libraries in Nacka municipality.

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