Monday, September 8, 2014

Lecture 5 - Wed Sept 10 (8-10) - Gradin Franzén

Time & Place: Wednesday September 10 at 8-10 in lecture hall E2.

Guest lecturerChristofer Gradin Franzén, Psychologist and master of science business and economics

Title: Co-creating the financial, social and psychological space for a paradigm shift 

Talk: Hoffice is a pop-up workspace for social entrepreneurs and activists. Its aim is to facilitate the power of the collective as support for individual ventures. Workspaces are set up in individual members homes and a facebook group is used to invite others to join in. A methodology inspired by action research has been developed with the intention of infusing the concept with a spirit of continous development. Hoffice participants experiment with various practices aimed at creating a work environment that supports efficiency, creativity, a healthy balance between work and recovery as well as important new social connections. Attending a hoffice event is always free of cost. Thus social entrepreneurs and activists working for a paradigm change gain access to a vibrant and focus inducing workplace, expanding their networks while they cut down on the money spend on having access to some kind of workspace

AboutChristofers work revolve around psychological perspectives on sustainabilty and sustainability perspectives on psychology. He works primarily with various aspects of how to facilitate and spread processes associated with collective intelligence. For the past 2 years this has manifested in the development of the game based psycological process tool, Cohero.

- Please read the Wikipedia article on Participatory action research.

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