Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lecture 8 - Fri Sept 19 (10-12) Lampinen

Time & Place: Friday September 19 at 10-12 in lecture hall D2.

Guest lecturer: Airi Lampinen, Postdoctoral Researcher at Mobile Life Centre, Stockholm University 

Title: Social Interaction in the Sharing Economy 

Talk: Many existing and emerging online systems allow people to connect with strangers to coordinate the exchange of goods and favors. These exchanges tend to necessitate negotiations over interpersonal boundaries. This talk will discuss social interaction that takes place in the context of the so-called sharing economy. The talk will present empirical studies with people who engage with Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and Sharetribe. Moreover, it will address design implications stemming from a deepened understanding of user practices, including account sharing and efforts to avoid indebtedness.

About: Airi works as a postdoctoral researcher at Mobile Life Centre, Stockholm University. Previously, she has been a researcher at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's School of Information and a research intern at Microsoft Research New England. Her research is focused on interpersonal boundary regulation in networked settings, such as the sharing economy and social network services. Her qualifications include a PhD in social psychology from University of Helsinki and a BSc (Eng.) from Aalto University's interdisciplinary Information Networks degree programme

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- Collaborative Economy Honeycomb


  1. The link to Molz J. G. (2014) is broken, I found the article through Google Scholar but that link seems to be broken as well.
    Can you provide another link?

  2. I actually think First Monday is down right now. I can't even get http://firstmonday.org/ to work at the moment. Please check back a little later...