Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lecture 2 - Fri Sept 5 (08-10) - Jakobsson

Time & Place: Fri September 5 at 08-10 in lecture hall Q2

Guest lecturerPeter Jakobsson, Ph.D. in Media and Communication, Södertörn University.

Title: Contested cultural commons: a political-economy perspective

TalkFor a long time we have relied on the market and the state to provide us with cultural goods and opportunities for cultural participation. Networked digital and social media has however led to an increase in cultural production and cultural participation within the sphere of civil society. This talk discussess the relationship between the market, the state and civil society and analyses the interactions between online media companies such as Google, public service institutions, archives and museums, and the online digital commons.

AboutPeter had studied Media Technology at KTH and took the course "Future of Media" in 2004 (that year's theme: "Future of books/Books of the future"). Peter defended his Ph.D. thesis, "Öppenhetsindustrin" ["The openness industry"] (pdf file), two years ago.

- Fish, A., & Srinivasan, R. (2012). Digital labor is the new killer app. New Media & Society, 14(1), 137-152.
Fuchs, C. (2011). A contribution to the critique of the political economy of Google. Fast Capitalism, 8(1), 1-24.
- Irani, L. (2013). The cultural work of microwork. New Media & Society, 1461444813511926 (Published online but not yet in print).

Comment: I hope you can access all the three texts above. Remember that some academic texts that you cannot access from home can be accessed on campus (since you are on the KTH network and KTH pays royalties to publishers).

Further readings. Peter also recommends the following chapters from Yochai Benkler's 2006 book "The wealth of networks: How social production transforms markets and freedom (Yale University Press):
- Chapter 2, "The networked information economy"
- Chapter 3, "Peer production and sharing"
- Chapter 4, "The economics of social production"

Comment: Benker has good ideas but his writing style is cumbersome. Do your best!

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