Monday, September 1, 2014

Lecture 1 - Mon Sept 2 (13-15) - Forsmark

Guest lecturer: Jan Forsmark, coordinator for the Transition Sweden network - the Swedish part of the international Transition Town network.

Title: From Global challenges to local projects

Talk: This lecture will discuss the four major global challenges humanity faces during the 21st century: energy, economy, environment and social challenges. What is the Transition Movement and how are Transition Towns  working on a local platform to support people acting together to face these challenges? This lecture will discuss the Transition Town movement with focus on Sweden and discuss why sharing and collaborating locally is the key to overcoming present and future challenges.

About: Jan Forsmark has been the coordinator for Transition Sweden since its inception in 2009. His background is as a teacher and consultant. He has also worked with environmental issues for 30 years and cultivated vegetables, bees and sheep for 10 years. Before accepting the job as coordinator for Transition Sweden, he was the enterprise coordinator in the county of Sala ("näringslivschef i Sala kommun").

- Please have a look at this Ted talk: Rob Hopkins, "Transition to a world without oil" (2009, 16 minutes)
- Also check out the website The Transition Network.


  1. Can we access the slides for the presentation somewhere? Im interested in browsing the links he had in the slides

  2. Yes! He sent me his slides. They (and all other slides I get access to) will be uploaded to Bilda.