Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lecture 13 - Tue Oct 7 (13-15) Wentz

Time & Place: Tuesday October 7 at 13-15 in E2.

Guest: Daniel Wentz, VP Strategy, Schibsted Media Group 

Title: Schibsted and the Peer 2 Peer Economy 

Talk: Since the acquisition of Blocket in 2003, Schibsted has been actively seeking opportunities within facilitating online P2P marketplaces (or platforms) in 30 markets across the globe. As a result, Schibsted has acquired or launched several P2P concepts concepts including Flexidrive (P2P car sharing in Sweden), TripWell (P2P Home / vacation sharing in Europe) and Pret d'union (P2P lending in France) as well as experimentation with new P2P services like Schpok (Proximity based P2P market in Austria/Germany). More than Schibsteds perspective of what it means to facilitate and scale a P2P platform, the session will include our learnings and how we believe the area will evolve during coming years (Trust factor, Local circumstances vs. Global capabilities, etc).

AboutDaniel studied at KTH during the vintage years of 1998 - 2003, at the time when KTH Graphic Arts (Grafisk Teknik) was trying to understand the Internet. After having finished his studies at KTH, Daniel ventured into entrepreneurship and Management Consulting (focusing on European Telecom and Media sectors) before joining Schibsted Media Group in 2011.

LiteraturePlease take a look at:
- Choudary, S. (2014), "From Social Media to the Sharing Economy: The Three Drivers of Business Disruption".
- For an introduction to the scope of businesses in the Schibsted Media Group, see this 3.30 minutes long video.

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