Thursday, October 16, 2014

Attendance requirements in practice

It seems there will be all-in-all 23 lectures and seminars in the start-up phase of the Future of Media course (including Milad who hurt his back but who will come visit us on Fri Oct 30 between 9-12 - more info to follow).

The attendance requirements are 75%, i.e. you should have attended at least 17 occasions out of the 23. People who attend less 14 or more occasions (e.g. 65% attendance) will get an extra assignment (more info to follow).

In the Google document with your attendance:
- white color means that things look good (but please don't lapse)
- yellow means you will get an extra assignment and that you should take care not to not miss any (or too many) of the remaining lectures
- green is a special case
- red means you will fail to meet the attendance requirements

Please have a look at the document to make sure we have correct information about your attendance!

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