Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Sharing is...?" - Pub today

Our guest from yesterday, Mattias Jägerskog, suggested (some of) you could join the Facebook "Oui Share" group.

If somebody is interested, there will be a informal meeting in a hotel bar tonight around the topic "Sharing is...?". The invitation (from the Oui Share Facebook group) more specifically says:

"We meet to discuss, think and clarify the current confusion around terms but also questions such as 'is there good and bad sharing?' As well as other questions you want to discuss."

Time: Today from 19.00
Place: "Lilla Hotellbaren", Södermalm, Stockholm (Scandic Hotel Malmen, Folkungagatan 47)

Tonight's enablers are:

Emma Öhrwall 0737 022313
Therese Johansson 0738171588

Please post a short at the companion course blog if you go to the pub!

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