Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Offload trends to the book introduction

It will be boring if each groups start their respective chapter by writing a page or two about different trends they assume will happen during the next 10-20 years if several other group assume the same trends will happen (identity, anonymity, libraries, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, filter bubbles, shorter attention span, smartphones, future Internet archtecture etc.). 

You can thus "offload" these trends and this work to Daniel and Malin who will write the introduction to the book. See this blog post with info about trends that were picked up in the introductory chapter in last year's course ("The Future of News / News of the Future").

We have created a Google form where you can suggest trends that you assume will happen and that you would like Daniel and Malin to write about - instead of taking valuable space in your own chapter to write about these things.

The form for offloading trends is available here

Do note that there are also group- or project-specific trends that you should hold on to and write about in your text - what we are talking about here is more general "background" societal/economic/technological trends that you have reason to suspect that also other groups will assume in their scenarios.

We have a tight schedule for writing the texts for the book, so you will unfortunately only have until Friday Nov. 28 at 19.00 to submit your suggestions. Daniel and Malin will review them and will get back with information about which trends we will "pick up" for the introductory chapter at the coordination meeting with the project group leaders on Tuesday Dec 2. That will hopefully make it possible for you to write good "transitions" between the book intro and your own chapter and please do remember that the deadline for submitting your book chapters is on Thursday Dec 4. 

Do note:
- For the sake of simplicity, we recommend you designate one person who is responsible for your group's text
- This is the person who should have the final say in all matters relation to your text. This person should probably not be the person who is already your project leader.
- This is also the person who should come to the "work seminar"/"writer's workshop" (send (at least) one representative per group) on Friday Dec 5 from 13.00 in room 1537. 
- For the sake of simplicity, please have this person be the only person from your group who uses the form to suggest topics to offload (so there will not be mix-ups and confusions).

Good luck with your texts!

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