Thursday, November 6, 2014

Future of Media as Design Fiction

I learned about the term "design fiction" last year and instantly realised that we have been working with "design fiction" in the Future of Media for more than 10 years without know it... :-)

It might be that design fiction will be used more explicitly as a framework for the course next year. It might also be the case that it could be useful/helpful for you to read up (a little) on design fiction since that might help to frame what your are doing in your project and what we are doing in this course. It might also be the case that me and Malin will explicitly refer to design fiction in the introduction to the book we will produce in the course.

I have put together a few easy-to-read resources about design fiction that I suggest you read:
1) Read the introduction to the workshop that was held on design fiction at this year's huge conference on human-computer interaction.

Read these two position papers that were submitted to the workshop:
2) Product Boxes and Worst Nightmares: User-generated Design Fiction (pdf file)
3) Digital Spirits: Report of an Imaginary Workshop on Technologies to Support Religious and Spiritual Experience (pdf file)

4) Then read my reflections about design fiction and about the workshop in this (long) blog post.

5) Finally have a look at this scientific article that uses design fiction to think about the future, "ICT4S 2029: What will be the systems that supporting sustainability in 15 years" (link to pdf file)

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