Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mid-crit feedback

Dear all,

Thank you for the presentations at the mid-crit last Friday. We hope you enjoyed hearing what other groups are working on and that you all felt that the critique was both inspirational and useful for your continued work.

Here are some general thoughts and comments, brought up during the day and hopefully useful for many or even for all groups:

- Remember the human aspects of the sociotechnical loop. This year's theme is sharing, but please also remember the human aspects of sharing as well - try not to disappear too deeply into the technical solutions and loosing track of the people who will live in the future and use these systems. A set of technological developments is not a story in itself, or, at least it isn't a very engaging story. You have to imagine a future scenario that is underpinned by - but that in itself is more than - those technical developments.
- The projects should include a fair amount of media technology in any of its manifold and different forms. There should be a media (technology) angle for every project even if the emphasis is on this year's theme and your theme.
- An interesting aspect to include in your projects is "the history of the future" - what happened that lead up to the scenario of the future that you are describing? What can explain how that future came about, e.g. what about the years 2015-2030 (all projects are supposed to aim for 10-20 years into the future)?

Good luck with your projects!

Daniel & Malin

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